Equipment Rental

Yamaha P22
Studio Upright

Do you have a recital coming up or maybe you just want to put on a concert in your living room, our Rental Studio Upright with attractive wood grain finish starts at $525 per day.

Yamaha C3 6'1"
Grand Piano

Looking to really make your event really stand out? Our Satin Ebony Yamaha C3 Grand Piano is available starting at $875 per day.

Yamaha Clavinova
Digital Piano

Do you need something that has the features of a high end keyboard but looks the part on a stage? Our Yamaha Clavinova has all of the class of an upright piano but without the hassle of tuning. Pricing starts at $100 per day.

Do you need to move a piano?

Unfortunately, we don’t rent moving equipment… We do rent out our professional piano movers though. Text or call us at 918-704-2770 to discuss how we can help you get your piano from source to destination without all the hassle.