Saied Attic Instruments

Check out our Attic!  This area is dedicated to trade-ins, used & vintage instruments.  All have been through our repair facilities and are ready-to-play!   Some may have been “well loved”…but they still can all make lots of beautiful music!

These instruments have been described as having ‘too many birthdays’ on our shelves and in our warehouses!

Whether discontinued, gently used or simply have been our display and demo models way too long….you’ll find a great selection and great values!  Check’em out!

Saied Attic & GOT2GO Clearance

GOT2GO Clearance

Cannonball Tenor Saxophone


Model: T5M

Cellini Marsala Accordion


Model: Marsala

Henkin Clarinet


Model: Student

GOT2GO Clearance

Courtois Trombone


Model: AC42OBO10

Eastman Cello


Model: VC80T34

GOT2GO Clearance

DW Smart Practice Pad Set



King Marching Euphonium


Model: 1129SP

GOT2GO Clearance

Accent Clarinet


Model: CL714W

GOT2GO Clearance

S.E. Shires Trumpet


Model: AHW

Kanstul Marching Euphonium


Model: 295

Yamaha Marching French Horn


Model: YHR-302MS

GOT2GO Clearance

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet


Model: YTR-8345IIS Xeno

GOT2GO Clearance

S.E. Shires Piccolo Trumpet


Model: TRQ9S

GOT2GO Clearance

Cannonball Trumpet


Model: 727S

GOT2GO Clearance

Backun Clarinet


Model: Model F Cocobolo/Gold Keys

King Trumpet


Model: Silvertone

GOT2GO Clearance

Holton French Horn


Model: H279

GOT2GO Clearance

S.E Shires Trumpet


Model: AF

GOT2GO Clearance

S.E Shires Trumpet


Model: B

GOT2GO Clearance

Jupiter XO Trumpet


Model: JU1624S

GOT2GO Clearance

BAC System Blue Trumpet


Model: SB10S

GOT2GO Clearance

Buffet Alto Saxophone


Model: BC8401