Yamaha SFZ Marching Snare Drum

Gently used Yamaha SFZ 14×12 Marching Snare. This is the MS9214 Series which has been discontinued. If you need to replace a marching SFZ model marching snare, this is a great deal. Very gently used top and bottom heads. New FiberTech Snares. Does not come with a carrier or a case.

Accent 781LF Trombone

Accent 781LF Trombone #508160 If you are looking for an affordable F attachment trombone, come in and check this one out. This is an Accent brand Intermediate F attachment trombone. It has been chemically cleaned and the slide has been worked on by our shop technicians. It is in good playing condition. It has some […]

Holton BB-355 Tuba

Holton BB-355 Tuba #003066 This is a full sized, 4  piston valve tuba. Its lacquer is worn throughout and there are a few dents on the body of the tuba. It has been chemically flushed and plays great. Slides and valves are all fairly smooth. It comes with a mouthpiece but does not include a […]

Conn 20J Tuba

Conn 20J Tuba #K28312 Conn Recording Size Tuba Key of BBb 3 Upright, short action valves 24″ Detachable bell upright .775″ Bore This is a used tuba in good condition. There are dents throughout the instrument but none that would affect the playability of the instrument. This tuba comes in 2 separate cases as the […]

Schmidt DSF186 Tuba

Schmidt DSF186 Tuba #405306 .827” bore 16.5” bell 40.6” height 4 rotary valves Rose brass leadpipe Nickel silver slides Nickel silver bell rim Clear lacquer finish This tuba is used with multiple dents and dings throughout the body of the instrument. All dents are purely cosmetic, not affecting the quality of sound. It has been […]

Selmer 101 Intermediate Oboe

Selmer 101 Intermediate Oboe Q0013717  Full Conservatory Selmer model 101 Oboe in great condition.  This instrument is a fabulous intermediate instrument that will last a student of the oboe for many years before moving up to a professional instrument.  The model 101 has many alternate keys that the other student model instruments do not have, including the LEFT F, split […]

Accent 781LF Trombone

Accent 781LF ‘F Attachment’ Trombone #123271 F Attachment step up trombone in good condition. This instrument has been through our repair shop and is in great playing condition. There is wear to the lacquer finish but the hand slide and tuning slides are all smooth. Affordable option for a step up trombone.

Northbridge NB600 Flute

Northbridge NB600 Flute #NB1114606 – Sterling Silver handmade McKenna headjoint – Sterling Silver body – Silver-plated keys – B foot – Y arm keys – Split E – Offset G – Open holes This is a used flute but in great playing condition. Good way to step up to an intermediate flute at a reduced […]

Courtois AC420BO F Attachment Trombone

Courtois AC420BO-1-0 #462984 The Antoine Courtois AC420BO Legend Series F-Attachment Trombone offers amazing performance and sound for the player looking for a symphonic trombone. The AC420BO Legend features a .547″ bore combined with an 8.5″ one piece bell that provides excellent projection and response. The open wrap F-Attachment features a free-blowing design plus an adjustable […]

Trevor James Intermediate Flute

Trevor James ‘Cantabile’ Flute #206638 This used Trevor James flute has a Sterling Silver Headjoint with a wood lip plate, Low B Foot, Offset G and Pointed Tone Arms. This flute has been through our in-house repair shop and is in good playing condition. There are a few cosmetic smudges and scratches throughout the instrument. […]