Holton H602 Single French Horn



Student or Step-Up:

Model: H602

Price: $405.00

Holton H602 Single French Horn


This single horn in F offers beginning students an opportunity to learn the F side of the horn before advancing on to a double horn.

Similar in playing style to the F side of the H178, the H602 has a compact feel with an excellent center, focus and projection. It has a dark sound with a singing tone and excellent legato characteristics. Ideal for the beginning horn student.
This used horn came to us through a school trade-in. It has been chemically cleaned in our repair shop, re-strung and all valves and rotors oiled and in good working condition. There is wear to the lacquer as well as dents on the top of the main body. Several areas that have had solder work done. None of these cosmetic flaws will affect how the instrument plays.