Knabe 9’2″ Concert Grand Piano

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Year: 2022

Model: WKG90

Size: 9'2"

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Special Features: Saied Music Company recently negotiated the special purchase of this rare handmade Knabe 9’2” Concert Grand Piano that was used in the Wm. Knabe International Piano Competition.

Production each year is limited to a maximum of six pianos for worldwide distribution.

Offered for sale at a FRACTION of its normal sale price, This piano is now on display and available for you to experience!

Includes 10 year factory warranty, matching artists bench and free in-home tuning.

Wm .Knabe Concert Artist pianos are handmade, limited production pianos created in the finest tradition of piano crafting. Each handmade Knabe Concert Artist series piano has its own personality. When you play these pianos, you will sense the difference.

 Soundboard *Andre Bolduc asymmetrically tapered and contoured; quarter sawn Canadian white spruce solid soundboard. The boards are unmatched in color consistency and like Steinway, they have no fewer than eight annual growth rings per inch to carry the string energy.
*(Used by the world’s best craftsmen in rebuilding Steinway grand pianos outside the Steinway factory).

 Frame Maple and oak alternating ply rims, with laminated spruce beams; tenon joined to the rim with hardwood dowels (Like Steinway). This rim design is from the original Knabe grand pianos built around the turn of the century, in the original Baltimore factory.

Maple (Same as Steinway) is recognized as one of the best materials for rims; as it is an extremely hard wood and reflects the sound back onto the soundboard rather than absorbing it, resulting in a longer decay rate and better tone quality. Oak with its longer and wider grain pattern used in conjunction with maple, helps to enhance the bass response as well.

 Scale Original Knabe low-tension design with added duplex design. Pianos such as Steinway & Son, Baldwin, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, and C. Bechstein all use low tension designs.
The cornerstone of a low tension scale design is a dense rim. Most of the pianos in this category use dense woods such as hard rock maple, and beech wood. The use of a dense rim allows the sound to resonate in the case, which in turn allows the manufacturer to place less tension on the strings. The less tension on placed on a string the more it can vibrate therefore the longer the sound will sustain.

 Plate Pure iron ore made in the traditional method of slow sand casting. The job of the plate is to hold the nearly 40,000 lbs. of string tension without affecting the sound of the piano. The sandcast plate is preferred in performance quality instruments (Like Steinway) because of its strength and very low Q factor, which is a materials ability to resonate sound.

 Action All German Renner action, made of European hornbeam. (Steinway owns Renner)

 Hammers Premium German Renner hammers, t-wired and individually voiced.

 Strings Roslau music wire made in Germany.

 Tuning Pins German tuning pins made of rod steel.

 Pin Block 16-ply, cross grained laminated hard rock maple.

 Others Slow close fallboard, Maple legs with Iron interlocks, Full sostenuto pedal, Solid brass hardware, Large solid brass castors.