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Charles Frederick Stein Model E 6’10” in American Walnut

Location: Midtown
Year Manufactured: 1941
Piano Type: Grand
Color/Finish: Walnut
Model: Model E
Size: 6'10"
Special Features: Extremely Rare! This piano was made entirely by hand in Chicago in 1941 under the direct supervision of Charles Frederick Stein, an expert in grand piano construction. This American firm was only in business for 18 years, from 1924 to 1942. Very few of these pianos exist today, they are extremely hard to find. No other piano in the world is constructed in this manner. Part of the reason it has such unbelievable tone is due to the “Acoustic Tone Chamber”, patent #1953644 - granted April 3rd, 1934. The factory closed in 1942. According to the original owner, this piano was tuned every six months for its entire life. Local pianos technicians have confirmed this piano is in excellent condition, has been meticulous serviced over the years and used lightly.
Description: This piano is all original, including ivory keys; with the exception of in 2012 new bass strings were added and it was refinished.
Compare At: This piano will compare to any of the very top tier, hand-made grand piano in the world. If new, these top tier pianos currently sell for over $100,000.00!
Saied Price: $14,999.00 FIRM