Totally Restored 1917 STEINWAY 5’7” MODEL M

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Year: 1917

Model: M

Size: 5'7"

Saied Price: $39,899.00

Compare at: $81,300.00


One of the most popular Steinway grand piano designs, the well-balanced Model M is a great choice for those with limited space and who value the iconic touch and tone that can only be experienced with a historic Steinway & Sons grand piano. Nestled between the smaller Model S and the larger Model O/L, the Model M is a natural favorite of home owners and institutions alike. Most people would consider this just one size up from “baby grand.” The Model M is still being manufactured today and is a popular staple of both the New York and Hamburg Steinway piano lineups. Steinway Model M Grands are very popular in-home settings and are also commonly found in institutional and other professional uses. The 5’7″ Model M is definitely not a piano to underestimate, with a power and range of tone coupled with a quick responsiveness that is sure to please.

– New custom made Bolduc pinblock.
– New tuning pins
– New Mapes Gold Strings by Steinway
– Plate (Harp) stripped and refinished
– All case parts filled and refinished in hand rubbed close pore extra thick ebony finish
– Re-veneer both arms
– Original Steinway soundboard saved, shimmed, glued, sealed and refinished
– Original Steinway bridges saved and refurbished
– Full key rebushing front and back
– New damper felt
– Original Steinway damper heads saved and refinished
– Guide rail rebushed
– Sandblast keyframe/replace felts/level and space keys
– Soda blast keys, Buff & Clean Rails, Paint brackets
– New Let-off screws, New Flange screws, New Frame screws, New Keys end felts
– Replace keytops and re-paints ebony keys
– Veneer keys sides
– Adjust plate for proper down bearing of bridges
– New Steinway Renner action parts: Hammers, shanks, flanges, whippens, backchecks
– Replate all hardware in original Steinway nickel
– Basic action regulation