1915 Steinway Model D 9’ Concert Grand

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Year: 1915

Model: D

Size: 9'

Saied Price: $38,999.00

Compare To New At: $198,400.00


– 1915 Steinway model D 9’ concert grand – Serial #172102, handmade in the USA.
– From the “Golden Era” of Steinway when Steinway was still owned by the Steinway family and they owned their own foundry.
– Was owned by prominent Tulsa Oilman Alex McCoy.
– This piano was rebuilt approximately 30 years ago, consisting of new Steinway action, strings, tuning pins, refinished in hand rubbed satin ebony finish with gold accents.
– The original soundboard was saved and repaired/shimmed.
– Steinway certified local piano technician Cynthia Jenkins has done a detailed inspection, action regulation, hammer voicing and tuning in January, 2002.
– This piano has a lovely tone and the action feels great!
– Enjoy it as is or have it rebuilt if you want for a fraction of the price of new.
– Own the worlds most famous concert grand!