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Saied Music Company’s Tulsa Mariachi Initiative

We are proud to be Oklahoma’s leading resource for Mariachi Music Program information and teacher education.


Across the United States, schools with growing Latino demographics have found great success in engaging students, parents, and local communities by implementing standards-based, traditional Mariachi programs.  Schools with Mariachi Programs are experiencing increased involvement in music activities by the Latino demographic resulting in greater academic success, increased parent involvement and new energy and vibrancy in their comprehensive music programs.


We believe that student engagement is key to student achievement.  Research demonstrating the academic and social successes of students participating in school music programs is abundant and well-recognized. Bringing a culturally meaningful channel of music participation to the growing Hispanic demographic in our local school districts will have a significant impact on those children’s lives, sending ripples through their families, our schools and our community.


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Instrumentation for a beginning Mariachi band consists of two sections: the Armonia which is made up of the guitar, the vihuela, the guitarron and the arpa and the Melodia which includes the trumpet and violin.   Saied Music offers an affordable rent to own plan for violins and trumpets.  In order to support beginning Mariachi band programs, we have introduced rent to own plans for Vihuelas and Guitarrones, as well. We carry all required equipment and provide repair and maintenance services to ensure that the classroom experience is not interrupted by such issues.


Saied Music personnel regularly attend national Mariachi clinics and educational sessions to learn more about the Mariachi in Schools movement and available resources to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of information for our state and local school districts.

Saied Music hosts an annual two-day Mariachi Workshop for Educators which includes a Fiesta with authentic Mexican food and local Mariachi band.  The workshop features nationally recognized Mariachi educators Marcia Neel and Daniel Valdez.  Opening remarks and further support have been provided by the Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Director Francisco Trevino.  These workshops have served as an introduction and basic training to music educators introducing a Mariachi Program to in their school as well as continuing ed for teachers with existing programs.  We have also provided annual scholarships to local educators to the National Mariachi Teacher Training in Las Vegas. We endeavor to help schools and teachers find funding through local sources as well as Federal sources such as provided by the ESSA act of 2016, which for the first time allows Title 1 funding to school music programs.

For questions or more information on how you can start a Mariachi Program at your school email kim.koch@saiedmusic.com

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