Brooke McLain

Brooke was born and raised in Tulsa, OK. She grew up with a musical family, as her mother played clarinet and her grandfather played the trumpet and bugle.

The first instrument Brooke learned how to play was the flute when she was 11 years old and she took private lessons until she was in high school.

Brooke then found her passion for playing the saxophone while she was in high school jazz band. She participated in All District and Honor Bands. She graduated from Edison Preparatory School in 2012.

After attending OSU for 1 year, Brooke decided to move to Australia for 3 years. She moved back to Tulsa in 2017, and then started working at Saied music and dedicated more time to her saxophone.

Brooke has been a part of many community bands and the rock band G-Force. Her favorite kind of music to listen to is alternative rock, and she is skilled in playing classical and jazz music on the saxophone.

Alongside teaching private lessons, Brooke is also a repair technician for us.

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