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Erin Turner

Erin Turner

  • On December 5, 2016

Much of my privilege in life comes from growing up in a musical family. My siblings, all who were musically literate by the time they were in middle school, gave me a leg up in this department. By the time I started playing violin at age nine, I’d already been hearing it for several years. Influenced by my older siblings, I took private lessons, got involved in my school orchestra and a community orchestra, and competed as often as possible. Incredible performers, instructors, and educators (Aldee Marquis, Dan Hale, Steve Hamm, Jeff Smith, Eric Samuelson, Nathan Greenwood, and Ron Wheeler, to name a few) shaped my understanding of music, the violin, and teaching in the process. As the long-time concertmaster of my school orchestra, I enjoyed leading and assisting my peers on an individual and sectional level. After five years in the Tulsa Youth Symphony, several years as a NOADSO, Metro Honor, and Solo and Ensemble/Chamber Orchestra participant, and three-years as an All-State violinist (placing third my last year), my love for playing and teaching music continues to mature.